Tweens & Teens

If you are age 12 - 18, you can help to build the obstacle course for the Teen Takeover event at Blue Spruce Park on June 2, 2018.! Your group will have a station as part of the bigger obstacle course. Your station can consist of a physical challenge (think tire run, jumping jacks, walk the plank) or a mental challenge (answer a trivia question, solve a riddle) OR maybe a combination of both!

So get your friends together (could be a sports team, a club, scout troop, a youth group, or you and a couple of your friends). You will also need at least one adult sponsor to work for you (transport and advice).

Here's the application to download:

Click HERE!

Please direct any questions to Lisa @ 724-672-0878 or email

Need some obstacle course inspiration? 

Rules and Guidelines:

  • There will be no electricity or internet/cell service available at the park.

  • Safety of participants needs to be considered so no weapons, fire, excessive heights, etc.

  • If the obstacle is not self-explanatory, instructions must be posted OR the station will need to be manned by the team who has built it.

  • A responsible adult sponsor must be named for each team to help manage the course and assist with transporting materials and set up of the station.

  • Station can be a physical or mental challenge.

Armstrong-Indiana Behavioral and Developmental Health Program

Armstrong-Indiana Clarion Drug & Alcohol Commission

Child Care Health Consultant

Children's Advisory Commission of Indiana County

Community Guidance Center

Evergreen Boys & Girls Clubs of Indiana County

Indiana County Children & Youth Services

Indiana County Department of Human Services

Indiana County Juvenile Probation

JusticeWorks YouthCare & YAB