Policy Committee

Meeting Frequency: As needed

Reports to CAC at monthly meeting

The Policy Committee shall present to the CAC legislative information, legislative changes and other issues affecting children and their families; annually review the Bylaws and recommend any needed changes to the CAC.

Budget/Finance Committee

Meeting Frequency: As needed to plan fundraising activity

Chair reports financial standing during monthly CAC meetings.

The Budget/Finance Committee shall assist with budget preparations and reports for CAC programs, review program financial reports, review and approve changes to budgets, and assist with fund-raising and grant writing efforts.  The Treasurer of the CAC shall be the Committee Chair.

Early Care and Education Committee

Meeting Frequency: Monthly, second Tuesday

Chairs report at the monthly CAC meetings

Issues concerning children and families from pre-natal to about age eight. Presentations on topics that target young children and families. Updates from Sub committees:  PA Pre-K Counts, Day of Play, Family Fun Fest,  Zero to Three

Strategic Planning Committee

Chair reports during monthly CAC meetings

The Strategic Planning Committee will review the findings of the 2012 Indiana County Speaks Up! Survey, other surveys, and CAC SWOT analysis to determine CAC goals and develop/update the CAC’s Strategic Plan.

Tweens 'N Teens Committee

Meeting Frequency: Monthly at CYS dates TBD

Chairs report during monthly CAC meetings

TNT will focus on issues for the age groups 8-12 and 13-18. Events, such as the Family Nature Palooza will be planned by this group.

Safe Children's Network Committee
Teen Takeover Committee
Day of Play Planning Committee
Nature Palooza Planning Committee
Fun Fest Planning Committee