What will my role be with the CAC?

As a member of the CAC, you will have the opportunity to improve the quality of life for children in Indiana County by participating in the following ways:

  • Regularly attending CAC meetings: At the larger meetings, members learn about the work of all of the committees, as well as the work of the various projects overseen by the Commission. In addition, they vote to approve or disapprove committee and project recommendations. Because the CAC is responsible for the actions of the projects it oversees, members need to be fully informed about these projects. They should pay careful attention to project reports and ask questions about anything that is not clear to them.

  • Joining a committee or sub-committee: Much of the real work of the CAC occurs outside of the monthly group meetings. Members may join one of the standing committees. In addition, each member should become involved in one or more of the working groups that function as subcommittees of the standing committees. The work of these groups is more specialized than the work of the committees and may include activities such as identifying community needs, writing grant proposals, planning events, or lobbying for children’s services.

  • Becoming a leader: After serving on the CAC for a while and coming to understand its mission and operations, members may seek to be elected as officers of the Commission. Officers serve on the Executive Committee, which conducts the business of the Commission between meetings and sets the agenda for the monthly meetings.

How will my membership benefit the CAC?

The CAC is composed of a diverse group of members, including representatives of human service agencies, school districts, IUP, and other community organizations, as well as parents and other community representatives. As a representative of your organization or community, your voice is important. Everyone has a unique perspective on the needs of children in Indiana County, and the strength of the CAC is in the diversity of perspectives it represents.

Moreover, advocating for children is hard work. Each member has a unique set of skills to contribute, whether it be knowledge of the community, the ability to work with people, the ability to write well or analyze data, or, simply, the time and interest to identify needs or locate resources.

How will membership on the CAC benefit me? My organization?

As a result of your membership on the CAC, you will:

  • Meet others in the community who share your concern about children’s well-being.

  • Learn about resources and services available for children in Indiana County.

  • Enjoy the satisfaction of helping children.

  • Enable your organization to provide service to the community.

  • Make others aware of the services your organization has to offer.

How can I be sure my voice will be heard and my ideas seriously considered by CAC leaders?

The CAC is a large entity with a total of 45+ members.  The size of the CAC may preclude input from every member at every meeting.  However, the CAC has several ways for members to make a positive impact on the operation of the CAC.  

First of all, the CAC currently functions through standing committees: the Executive Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee,  Policy, Budget & Finance, Teens and Tweens and the Early Care and Education Committee.

Since most of the work is accomplished through these committees, members are encouraged to contribute through one of the standing committees.Member’s voices are heard through the work done by these teams.

Second, every member of the CAC holds a voting position.

Members can express views, make suggestions, clarify objections, and dispense information through formal voting processes of CAC meetings.  

Third, members can offer to represent the CAC at various civic or community events.  The CAC places informational tables at community fairs and other events, and always needs volunteers to assist at these events.  Members may also offer to make formal presentations at area schools, governmental agencies, and human service conferences, along with other awareness-raising opportunities that frequently arise.

Finally, CAC members are always encouraged to discuss CAC activities at social functions.  It’s every member’s privilege to bring knowledge of the CAC to the Indiana community!  

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